NewHope is constructing a building for the whole community to enjoy!

As we enter the final stages of the building process, we're looking to the community to help fill the cupboards of the new Community Kitchen with knives & forks, plates, bowls, cups, utensils - everything a kitchen needs to function.


By 'purchasing' this item, NewHope will be able to use the money to buy and place this item in the Community Kitchen for everyone to enjoy.


We've chosen products of a commercial quality to ensure they last for many people to benefit from.

Serving Tongs

  • Please note that this is a sponsorship of an item in the Community Kitchen. You will not receive this item, and NewHope will have full ownership and responsibility of it.


    In the event that we raise more than the target for particular items, the remaining funds will be redirected to purchasing other items for the Community Kitchen.


    If you would like to discuss the terms of this sponsorship further, please contact the church office on (03) 9890 7999.